OHSAS 18001
Occupational health and safety management system
CYS EN 12150:2
Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
CYS EN 14449
Laminate safety glass
CYS EN 1279:5
Glass in building Insulated glass units



Cutting table

The new generation of Bavelloni cutting-lines and plants for mo nolithic glass is the product of considerable investment in research and development aimed at identifying modern and genuinely innovative technological solutions capable of ensuring
excellent performance and high quality standards. The precision, quality and velocity of the Bavelloni technologies are ensured by precise movement of the cutting-bridge, using the Gantry axis, and by a precise system for controlling the axis by digital
communication. Wide, modular range provides customized solutions for glassworks

The Bavelloni cutting solutions present a very wide product range, designed according to modular principles, permitting us to offer solutions which are always customized in accordance with the production requirements and objectively available space of the glassworks.

Easy of use with simple and intuitive user interface The graphic interface and Windows environment of the software solutions employed in the Bavelloni cutting technologies guarantee simplicity of use for the operator, who can manage and supervise the entire cutting line from a single PC.
SYNCRO series - Overview
The new control console combines all the power of numerical control, which handles the machine's movements, with the convenience of a PC, which is the only interface with the operator:
Windows graphic interface
floppy disk and CD-Rom for recording/transmitting data
keyboard and mouse
graphic colour monitor
possibility of connection to modem to take advantage of tele-assistance
can network with other PCs

The new Bavelloni Syncro series cleverly combines technology and simplicity, reliability and competitiveness, exploiting to the full the technological innovations introduced in Bavelloni cuttingtables in recent years such as:
Bridge moved by Gantry axle
Maximum cutting speed:
200 m/min
Software for swift, ideal on-board setting up
Creation of X-Y-Z cuts by means of graphics
Graphic interface in Windows environment
Loading with self-regulating arm
Automatic regulation of the suction cups
Ergonomic control panel

Thanks to its highly modular design, the Bavelloni Syncro series for cutting monolithic glass is available today in customized solutions which include a vast offer of single tables and cutting-lines with different models and dimensions.